Removal of teeth (Wisdom teeth)


Removal of teeth

Despite routine care of the mouth with regular dental care there are times when teeth require removal.

Too many teeth in the available jaw size causes crowding and results in teeth being unable to erupt into the mouth in a functional or useful position.

Removal of these teeth is indicated to enable good hygiene and reduce the risk of decay on the adjacent healthy teeth and also reduce the onset of gum disease due to inefficient cleaning adjacent to the teeth.

Often the earlier the impacted teeth are removed the less significant are the potential complications including risk to the main sensory nerve of the lower jaw and the nerve to the tongue.

Younger patients have less tooth root development around these nerves and healing is much quicker. ( See OPG image )

Teeth can be accidentally fractured in sport or a fall and the dentist is unable to restore them. Usually the dental unit can be replaced with a bridge or an implant. The jaw may require some form of reconstruction to restore any missing ridge.