Dental Implants


Loss of natural teeth or lack of development of the permanent tooth often causes functional and also cosmetic concerns for the patient.

Dental implants in the appropriate patient can result in an excellent outcome without the need to involve the adjacent teeth as is seen with dentures and bridges.

Your dentist is the best person to advise on the appropriate tooth replacement management. Once a decision has been made to explore implant treatment you will have records taken to assess if implants can be placed in the required positions.

Occasionally there is insufficient bone present and surgical preparation of the area may be required either prior to placement of the dental implant or at the same procedure.

Full details of this would be discussed by the surgeon.

Once the implant has been placed by the surgeon and the crown completed on top of the implant by the dentist, it is essential to have regular visits back with the dentist for hygiene care adjacent to the crown. The chance of infection or a problem with the implant crown is minimised with this regular care.